Most of the smartest people work for somebody else. ~Bill Joy

Organization's innovative process is no longer problem solving but solution finding. ~Shaun Abrahamson

The Future of Innovation: Video Interview with @Shaunabe

Shaun Abrahamson, the author of Crowdstorm, sits down with me to answer questions about life, business, motivation, how to get people excited about your idea, first generation social media monitoring tools, and lots and lots more.

This is an in-depth, laid back convo between two dudes that could spend 40 hours waxing poetic about this and that, so consider yourself lucky it’s only 40 minutes long. :-)

Ladies and gentlemen, put yer hands together for Shaun Abrahamson.

Link to video 

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Meet Shaun in person at his book launch party  in NYC on March 28th. I’ll be there as well.

Go buy Crowdstorm now.

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