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The problem we face when learning something new is that it’s often taught by experts who have no recollection of what its like to be a novice. Furthermore, being an expert doesn’t make you an expert teacher.

I’ve found that learning JavaScript is no different.

Learning a new language -programming or otherwise- can be daunting. And as a total n00b I’m looking for quick, easy wins that will motivate me to continue learning.

However, these quick and easy wins are really hard to find. So when I do find one, I like to save them for safekeeping.

Why knows, maybe you’ll decide to take a learning journey into JavaScript with me.

N00b to Coder in 60 Seconds

Your browser has a handy-dandy calculator you can pull up quickly do perform simple (and complex) math problems.

Step 1: In Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, right click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect Element”. In Internet Explorer, press the F12 key.

Note: You may need to enable “Developer menu” in Safari

Step 2: Click on the Console tab [see image]:

JavaScript Projects

Step 3: Type your math question next to >|

Example: 10+10 and then hit enter.

Use * for multiplications and / for divisions.


The result will be revealed thanks to the JavaScript engine that’s running under the hood of every modern browser. This is the same engine that’s used to calculate a 10% discount on orders over $25.00 when you shop on Amazon, for example.

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Hat tip to Source Decoded Youtube channel, which is where this tip came from.