I don’t do average. Not even if you pay extra.

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Here’s what others are saying

Dino is really, really good –super passionate– and knows how to work a room. I was really, really impressed with his style.

~Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Coming from anyone, that is some mighty fine praise. But coming from Marcus The Sales Lion Sheridan, a dynamic, energetic, and a mighty fine Speaker himself, it really means a lot to me personally.

We invited Dino to speak at IBM’s Smarter Commerce Summit on the subject of customer loyalty last year. The room was packed and riveted. I personally walked away with a new perspective and my mind blown from his compelling talk.

~Tami Cannizzaro, IBM Global Director

While I have your attention, check out this TED style talk I did at a Vocus conference in Washington, DC.

The Session That Got Me Into Forbes 

Yours was the best session I attended.

~Jennifer Maciejewski

Jennifer is referring to my 2013 New Media Expo session on Insane Loyalty: How To Get People Fanatically Addicted To You.

The session was packed to the rafters, with not even standing room available. People were literarily sprawled out on the floor. My room was temporarily nicknamed the Fire Hazard room. 

New Media Expo 2013

 This awesome wide angle shot is curtesy of Adam Silver

So you weren’t there to catch it live? No worries. I have the audio + slides + video of that particular session, for your listening and viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Following the session, the organizer sent this comment to their entire mailing list.nmx newsletter

Dino Dogan blew us away at NMX in Las Vegas with his session on Insane Loyalty ~NMX newsletter

NMX is by far the largest Social Media conference in the world, and their focus is on forecasting the techniques and strategies that are cutting edge and employed by some of the biggest names in the industry.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with those guys. They are total pros.

I kind of a cool feather, my NMX session had inspired an article about me on Forbes. Thanks Carol Tice.

Here is what Peter Shankman, Founder of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) said after attending my Insane Loyalty session at IBM’s Smarter Commerce Summit.

Events Large and Small, I Do Them All. 

If you think that I only speak at big-ass conferences, you’d be wrong. I LOVE visiting with companies large and small, and dropping some hot beats, or advice on Social Media. Whichever comes first. :-)

All of us found him to be as engaging offline as he is on.

~Josepf Haslam, DragonSearch

That was the comment made by a good friend of mine, Josepf Haslam, when I visited his crew in the first Capital of New York, the historic Kingston.

Professor Dino

None of my teachers would have predicted I would teach at a kindergarten level, much less at a college level.

But as fate would have it, I’m a regular guest lecturer at Rutgers University in New Jersey teaching consumer behavior to MBA post-grads. Class is in session.

I’m not only a Speaker. I am also an Organizer.

I know how hard it i to organize an event. I’ve done it.

A conversation I have with my Speakers goes something like this. I look them in the eye, and I tell them “You don’t get paid to speak. You get paid to promote.”

Organizing an event is really, really hard. There are hundreds of moving parts, and the Organizer sure can use a hand with promotion. You don’t have to have this conversation with me, I get it.

When I was keynoting the largest Social Media conference in Florida, iSummit, I made sure to take that opportunity to promote the event, provide value to my readers, AND hash out the topic conceptually be getting valuable feedback from my readers. To that end, I’d published 3 posts:

These 3 posts had received over 600 social shares, thousands of visits, and have contributed significantly to generating awareness and buzz around the event.

When I’m putting on a conference, I look for Speakers like myself. I hope you do too. :-)

Here’s a talk from an event I organized back in September 2012. Enjoy.