An old gag for a new cause

She Shoved Her Pie Right in His Face and Hey Mikey, I Think He Liked It!

Last week my good friend and the queen of PR Dana Humphrey invited me take a pie in the face…for a good cause.

The conversation went something like this.

Dana: Hey Dino, do you want to… (gets interrupted) 

Dino: YES!

Dana: …take a pie in your face? 

Dino: WHAT!? 

Dana: Too late, you already said yes.

Dino: DOH!

The Minister of Pie was none other than Today Show’s Jill Rappaport, and my brother in arms (or brother in pie in this case) is the miracle-making dog trainer Greg Kleva.

It was all in good fun and it was all for a good cause, NYC’s Feral Cat Initiative.

Donation would be super helpful but spreading the word by sharing this post or this post could be even more useful.

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You're totally showing your age with the "Hey Mikey" reference. I guess I'm showing mine too by knowing what that means. Ha.