There is NO OTHER medium that is as intimate as podcasting

We need a podcasting conference

Podcasting is a uniquely beautiful medium for two reasons.

Reason No 1: Intimacy

There is NO OTHER medium that is as intimate as podcasting. Think about it. You’re in someone’s ear the entire time.

Most podcast listeners listen in their car and very often with ear buds in their earballs. Who else has that kind of earball access to someone? Only their lover, really.

So the relationship that develops between the podcast host and his or her listener is simply amazing, meaningful, and deep. And I said as much in the latest episode of Road To TED, you can click to the listen to the audio excerpt below.

You can hear the entire episode here. And for a continuous drip of awesome, subscribe to Road To TED on iTunes or Stitcher.

Ok, plug over :-)

To prove my point regarding the intimacy…

I was lucky enough to meet few of the fans of Road To TED when I was at NMX (media conference) in January.

For example, Mike Brooks (my Road to TED co-host) and I were at Cynthia Sanchez‘s podcasting meetup while at NMX, and we met James Kinson, the Used Car guy.

James -as it turns out- is a HUGE fan of Road To TED, and talking to him was like talking to an old friend. It helped that I was also familiar with James’ work because his posts are always in my Stream on Triberr.

The same thing happened again and again during NMX, and we even got to interview someone who used Road To TED to prepare for their TED talk.

Meeting your listeners in person is like meeting old friends.

Conclusion: Podcasting is an AMAZING medium.

Reason No 2: Passion

Most podcasters are not making money with their podcast. And yet, podcasting is perhaps the most expensive medium.

To podcast you’ll need a microphone, the mixer, the recording equipment, cables, editing software, and on and on…A typical podcaster finances their podcast with a real job, not with the dozens of dollars they make per year from their podcast.

Podcasting is almost always a passion project, and it shows. The host is usually super passionate about whatever s/he choses to talk about. That passion is contagious and the listener hears it, which leads to intimacy (see Reason No 1).

Conclusion: Podcasters produce content that’s drenched with passion. 


Imagine a conference where the listeners and podcasters come together. Oh. My. God. That is a potent combination.

Well, one such conference WILL happen with your help.

Dan Franks decided to raise money to put on a conference designed for podcasters and their listeners in Dallas, TX on August 16-17. And I want you to help him by sharing his Kickstarter page and/or donating some money. Minimum pledge is $1, so anyone can do it.

Here are some ways in which you can help:

Conclusion: We need to make this happen.

Podcast Movement 2014

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dinodogan moderator

@GeorgeCuevas made a LiveFyre account just for me :-) Thank you.

Ya, I think those guys are onto something and it's one of those deals where their success is all of our success. 


@dinodogan @GeorgeCuevas  Haha, yeah I did. I watched your videos last week, it's good stuff. I'm new to podcasting and just now getting started. There's a ton of info out there and a lot of expensive courses (which all look great). I think there are a lot of people investing into podcasting as an additional broadcast medium to bring content forward and attract new followers.


@GeorgeCuevas @dinodogan  Hey guys! Dino, thanks for sharing my bootcamp! George - if you have ANY questions about podcasting - the course will really take you hand in hand from zero to Podcasting Hero! :) Let me know if you have any questions :)