A JavaScript Project Anyone Can Do

N00b to Coder in 60 Seconds: A JavaScript Project Anyone Can Do Right Now

The problem we face when learning something new is that it’s often taught by experts who have no recollection of what its like to be a novice. Furthermore, being an expert doesn’t make you an expert teacher.

I’ve found that learning JavaScript is no different.

Learning a new language -programming or otherwise- can be daunting. And as a total n00b I’m looking for quick, easy wins that will motivate me to continue learning.

However, these quick and easy wins are really hard to find. So when I do find one, I like to save them for safekeeping.

Why knows, maybe you’ll decide to take a learning journey into JavaScript with me.

N00b to Coder in 60 Seconds

Your browser has a handy-dandy calculator you can pull up quickly do perform simple (and complex) math problems.

Step 1: In Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, right click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect Element”. In Internet Explorer, press the F12 key.

Note: You may need to enable “Developer menu” in Safari

Step 2: Click on the Console tab [see image]:

JavaScript Projects

Step 3: Type your math question next to >|

Example: 10+10 and then hit enter.

Use * for multiplications and / for divisions.


The result will be revealed thanks to the JavaScript engine that’s running under the hood of every modern browser. This is the same engine that’s used to calculate a 10% discount on orders over $25.00 when you shop on Amazon, for example.

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Hat tip to Source Decoded Youtube channel, which is where this tip came from.

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