How To Make Your Content Go Viral

In this post, I will talk about 3 methods that will get you more shares. Keep in mind that these methods can be used together or alone, but they’re most effective when combined.

But first, little bit of background. Feel free to skip to Methods if you’re in a hurry.

John Hall and I were talking last week about how he might be able to help clients get greater distribution for their content.

After we chatted for a bit, he asked me if my methodology is written down somewhere. I was embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t.

My team and I have been so focused on building out Triberr as the content distribution platform that I’ve failed to pause and communicate how John -or you- might use it effectively.

So, here goes.

The Ideaidea

The idea is simple and ongoing. Figure out what sharing strategies work, build a platform that helps people do it at scale, and keep refining until done. And you’re never done. That is the idea of Triberr.

We started with “I share your stuff, you share mine” but we’ve now expanded the platform to use other methodologies.

I spend an embarrassing amount of time studying what makes content sharable. For example, check out this ridiculously exhaustive writeup about curiosity-gap headlines.

So I’ve developed a kind of framework. The idea behind the framework is that we’re all busy and you only want to do the most effective strategies that yield the greatest results.

Is your content sharable? Well, that will depend on the type of content you’re producing. Let’s see if this post is for you…

In my view, all content falls into 3 different categories.

No 1 – Brand-Created Content

For example, Dove’s video campaign from few years back. If you’ve never seen the video, it’s worth a peek.

I’m not going to examine the sharing mechanics of this type of content.  Why?

Because hiring dozens, often hundreds, of really smart people, and spending millions of dollars on ensuring the brand-created campaign goes viral is not that interesting to me.

I mean, are you telling me that a team of really smart, well paid people figured out how to make content go viral? Well golly, gee whiz Mr Cleaver. The hell you say.

No 2 – Cats

Ok, not really cats. But any content that is inherently spreadable (for example, a video of a guy getting hit in the nut sack).

You’re welcome, Internets.

Memes, babies, cats, dogs, guys falling on skateboards…all of these are examples of content that even if it spreads, it’s not useful to the creator.

This is fine, of course. Sometimes people contribute their ideas into our collective zeitgeist and they get nothing in return. Not even recognition. And that’s perfectly fine.

I’m not interested in shareability of this type of content but it teaches us an important lesson. And that lesson is…

Self interest and shareability are inversely proportional.

In other words, greater the self-interest, lower the chances of content spreading. This is why it takes millions of dollars to make branded content go viral.

And since we’re talking about cats, here’s a video about cats, because you know…I want you to share this post.

No 3 – Authority Content

Ok, that’s a dumb name for it. But I’m talking about content created by an individual who’s knowledgable about a certain topic and wants to be recognized for his authority in a specific field.

In other words, someone who doesn’t have a marketing team or millions of dollars to spend on getting his content shared. Also someone who doesn’t own a cat.

THIS is the type of content I’m interested in. How does content that benefits the reader AND the creator spread? How do you make that content sharable?

It’s not as easy as it appears at first glance. You’d think that useful content would spread easily but that’s unlikely.

For example. Say you’re reading an article about bankruptcy procedures. No matter how useful that article might be, chances are you’re not gonna share it for fear that people who see you share it might infer that you’re going through bankruptcy.

So, if your content falls into this 3rd category, then this methodology is for you.

Method 1 – Join a Tribe

When I first started blogging, I had a little widget on the right hand side that said something to the effect of “if you leave a comment, I’ll leave one on your blog. If you share my stuff, I’ll share yours”.

Not only was this incredibly effective in getting shares and traffic, but it was super effective at building a community. This community eventually became the first few hundred members of Triberr and now everyone on Triberr implements the same reciprocal system only on a much more massive scale.

When you really think about it, it’s a no brainer. You want shares? Give shares. BOOM! Done. It’s like that old commenting rule. You want 100 comments? Give 100 comments.

So when you sign up for Triberr the goal is to join a few tribes, share their stuff, and watch the karma kick in.

Method 2 – Build a Tribe

Everyone should be a leader of their own tribe. This way you control who’s in it.

If you invite people who’s content you love to read and love to share, you’ll build a great tribe. And they will appreciate being introduced to one another. You’ll become a connector.

I’ve written extensively about tribe building strategies in the past, so if you care to dig in, here are some links:

Destination Focused Tribe Building Strategy for Bloggers

Tribe Building Strategy for Multi Author Blogs

Top 3 Tribe Building Strategies for Bloggers

3 Master Tribe Strategies to Reach Multiplication

Method 3 – Get Followers

Ok, this is brand new. Well, kinda…

Triberr had this feature before but it was premium and it was called Atomic Tribes. We decided to make it free and rebrand it to something that everyone is used to. Followers.

I hear what you’re saying. Another social network where I need to gain followers in order to prove my self worth? Believe me, I understand. But this Follow is different. It’s actually useful.

When I Follow you on Triberr, I will get all your new posts in my Tribal Stream (it’s like Facebook’s Newsfeed) and I can consume your content the way I would in any RSS reader.

But I can also set you on Auto Share. On Auto, your posts will automatically get shared to my Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Needless to say, this Follow function with the Auto-set is for superfans and employees. Others will have limited use for it.

But what if 100 of your employees follow you on Triberr and you publish a new blog post on your company’s blog? If all 100 employees have connected both Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you are guaranteed 300 shares every time you publish new content.

And that’s a pretty good spread to start with.

Mechanical Turk

It takes little wrangling joining all the tribes, building a tribe of your own, and educating your superfans or employees about the benefits of getting the content shared, but once it’s in place, it’s a pretty sweet system.

Go sign up for Triberr and leave a comment if you have any questions.

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Man! Great Advice- JOIN A TRIBE / BUILD A TRIBE How about the NEON TIKI TRIBE? Now all we have to do is get the followers. Ok! 3 Free Ebooks, Dyslexic Friendly Font, Educational Super Heroes, THOUGHTFUL, INTELLIGENT, KIND INDIVIDUALS (TIKI). Hang on gang, it's going to be a WILD RIDE :)