Bloggers are the only influencers that matter

How Groupon Inspired Triberr

When Triberr first rolled out its Influence Marketing platform, bloggers (aka the only influencers that matter) were in a bit of a disbelief that we were paying twice the amount of the best rate offered anywhere else.

Many approached me asking “how are you able to pay us so much?”

In this post, I will answer that question. And part of that answer is Groupon. Read on…

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining

Groupon championed the idea of collective bargaining.

Here’s how collective bargaining works.

If Groupon can bring 100s of people together, then a restaurant (for example) is willing to offer an unprecedented discount. At which point, the economies of scale kick-in, and make it profitable for the restaurant.

When Triberr looked around the influence marketing landscape, we discovered that brands hire influencers individually. We thought that was dumb.

Each influencer is working by himself, and even if there are 100s of influencers working on a common goal of representing the brand, these influencers are invisible to one another.

This is incredibly ineffective for the brand because each influencer has to be managed individually. Therefore the management becomes impossible to scale. Not to mention that the economies of (promotional) scale are never reached.

But that’s not the only problem.

This walled-off approach robs the influencer of the opportunity of maximize their own earnings. It robs the influencer of his or her collective bargaining power.

Be Different

be different zebra

We decided to be different. In fact we did two things differently.

1. We decided to enable a brand to manage 100s of influencers as a singular unit, thus making campaign management almost infinitely scalable.

A single Campaign Manager can manage dozens of campaigns, each campaign consisting of 100s of influencers/bloggers. BOOM!

2. At the same time, influencers are grouped together into a “tribe”. They see each other, they share each other’s audience, and they work together towards a common goal of advancing the brand’s message.

In stark contrast to being walled-off from one another, being in a tribe with other influencers has an exponentially positive effect on the campaign results.

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Double the Value, Double the Fun

double the value

Triberr is the influencer factory.

You walk-in with quality content, and overnight, your tribemates make you an influencer.

So, while a brand may look at your online footprint and decide that your solitary participation in their campaign is worth $50-150, your online presence when you’re part of a tribe is easily doubled.

It’s doubled because your tribemates tap into your audience, and you tap into theirs.

Collaboration: The Secret Sauce


Triberr scores its campaigns on 3 points, one of which is Collaboration.

In the context of Triberr campaigns, Collaboration is you sharing other tribemate’s (campaign related) posts, commenting on them, linking, etc.

Your tribemates do the same for you. Imagine being part of a 100 person campaign and knowing that every time you publish something, all 100 of them will jump on it and spread it like wildfire. That’s some good Timmy right there.

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It’s the Collaboration component that increases your value to the brand, and it’s why Triberr can demand the minimum payout to bloggers at $300 per blogger, per month, per campaign.

Eight months ago, when we started this, brands looked at us like we’re crazy when we first told them there’s a $300 minimum. Now I’m having conversations with brands who are looking to reach greater influencers and are willing to pay $500+ per blogger, per campaign, per month.

A blogger can participate in multiple campaigns, of course.

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Let’s Get Specific

nicole cook

Let’s take the amazing Nicole Cook as an example.

Nicole has participated in 5 campaigns in the last two months. She made 2K with Triberr.

I’m not saying 2K is a lot of money. I’m saying it’s more money than most bloggers can make in 2 months with ads, affiliate marketing, and other nonsense that devalues your online footprint, your influence, and your credibility.

And no, Nicole is not an exception.

Our goal is to enable any blogger to participate in multiple campaigns per month. Thus providing a reliable revenue stream for the members of the creative class who are producing awesome content.

And not just bloggers, of course. I’m talking to podcasters here, youtubers, and the rest of the creatives.

How Effective is Collective Bargaining?

the incredible triberr man 333px hight

Brands I talk to understand the value of being able to manage 100s of bloggers/influencers as a singular unit.

They understand the exponential effect of having 100 people completing a set of objectives.

They most definitely understand the benefit of ensuring the first ripple effect happens every time a campaign post is published.

And they are looking to be competitive when attracting influencers to their campaigns. Which bodes well for us bloggers, because all we’re trying to do is ensure our time, effort, and knowledge is respected. And $150 is not gonna do it.

I can see it, in not-too-distant future in which brands are paying a mid-tear influencer $500+ per campaign, per month.

If all this sounds too good to be true, keep this in mind.

Your blog is a media outlet. And you’re a celebrity with an audience brands want to tap into. You deserve this. You’ve earned it.


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I get it now and it makes perfect sense. 


the best part is that as the different campaigns rolled out, even the very small ones (with only 5 of us working it) - we had an amazing result, collaboration  -and got such incredible visibility. #Collaboration is equally important as #greatcontent - which we also had @akmamma  @Quirky Chrissy  @JohnGarrettX @theworld4realz

The interaction and genuine #sharing  & #collaboration made it fun as well as effective, productive and achieved the group goal 

Thanks to Dino & Dan for this! 


Rachel Botsman has a TED talk about the currency of the new economy (Trust & Collaboration). It goes hand in hand with why Triberr brings value to brands (Trust & Collaboration) :)

I'm not going to put a link because I feel like it might seem spammy but if anyone is interested, just google her and TED talks.

Quirky Chrissy
Quirky Chrissy

Dino, I think you're onto something here! 

Here's to many more superfun campaigns with SUPER awesome influencers!


I love you guys.  Love you.  I'm excited to have had the opportunity to be in one of the first campaigns.  It, honestly, was a BLAST!  It was much more FUN to promote a brand on a team and I believe it was way more effective for the brand.  My electric company thanks you as well.


Great, GREAT post Dino. You guys are changing the landscape of the internet and how information is shared.

dinodogan moderator

@AnthonyMiranda A link to someone else's related talk would have been fine, but I appreciate you took time to consider :-)

Thnx for reading :-)

dinodogan moderator

@Jason__Ramsey I disagree. YOU guys are changing the landscape, we're just building you a weapon :-)


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