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Crowdsourcing Influence

On October 1-2 I’ll be in Orlando, FL keynoting one of the largest and bestest digital marketing conferences in the universe. The never-to-be-missed iSummit. I hope to see you there.

My session is titled Crowdsourcing Influence, and I’d like to give you a little preview.

What is Crowdsourcing Influence all about?

Here is all of marketing in a nutshell is it stands today.

marketing landscape today

The entirety of marketing is basically a brand telling everyone how awesome the brand’s product or service is. When you truly pause to think about it, it makes no sense at all.

If you don’t know the brand, why would you trust its assessment of…itself?

If you do know the brand and you happen to be a fan, do you really need a constant reminder?

So, instead, what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months with Triberr, is a change from this flawed model, into a totally different model that’s never been attempted before at scale.

And to be honest, when we started we had a pretty good hunch it would work, but truth be told, no one could have predicted just how well it works.

It’s 6 months later and I can say with confidence. It works. Like gangbusters.

So, what’s the model? Here ya go.

Crowdsourcing Influence model

In the Crowdsourcing Influence model, a group of influencers, let’s say 100 of them, are paid brand ambassadors a la Michael Jordan for Nike.

These influencers -mostly bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, and similar creative types- have the hearts and minds of a small but loyal audience. And even tho their audience is small, they all work together and share each other’s audience, so it becomes 100 small audiences.

Why did we focus on content creators? Watch this video for the answer.

influence marketing chuck kent and dino dogan

Combining these 100 small audiences ends up being a very large and highly engaged crowd.

Super relatedHow To Become a Brand Ambassador

This systematic sharing of the audience is a uniquely Triberr feature. And we’ve been doing it successfully for almost 3 years now with our regular tribes, so we knew it would work with brand ambassadors as well.

In this new model, a crowd of creatives represents the brand both online and offline, and creates content that serves the brand’s goals. Of course, the content has to be valuable to the audience as well.

Surprising no one I know, we found that these two seemingly disparate goals are quite easy to accomplish by talented bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, and content creators.

Here are few links to content created by Brand Ambassadors that serves both the brand and the audience:

Funny Instagram video for Cottonelle.

This short video is so creative it could easily be a commercial. Which proves yet another benefit of hiring 100 members of the creative class. You end up getting 100 creative directors.

Brand ambassador for TOMS Shoes raising an educational debate over business models.

This highly engaging post not only helped TOMS Shoes raise awareness about their US efforts, but it helped spur the debate over the future of business models.

Me talking about one of my clients in an educational way.

In this post I demonstrate how a brand ambassador can be both transparent, useful, and fulfill brand’s requirements.

The Result?

The end result of this new model is that:

Each content creator serves up valuable content to their own audience.

Each content creator taps into the audience of the other 99 brand ambassadors.

The brand gets to share content that is not from them, but it’s about them. They get to say “look what others are saying about us”, instead of “look what we’re saying about us”.

Ultimately, the content creators tap into the brand’s audience as well. The amplification effect of it all is insanely powerful.

More Questions Than Answers

I know I probably raised more questions than I answered in this post, and you can feel free to start a conversation in the comments below, or better yet, come meet me at the iSummit on October 1-2 in orlando, FL.


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Hey Dino,

This is all really great stuff. I love what you guys are doing at Triberr so much that I recently included it in a blog post of my own, which you commented on here:

I wish I could have made it down to Florida to catch your presentation and learn more about crowdsourcing influence. Would you have a presentation deck you would be willing to share with me?


James Mignano


I wish I lived near Orlando so I could come and meet you in person at the iSummit


Thanks for the post Dino, and thanks for highlighting my piece of writing. I can confirm that it is extremely effective and powerful mechanism of influence


Heck yeah!  This is the wave of the future.  Thank you Dino for blazing the trail.  I look forward to paying my rent.

dinodogan moderator

@DanielMelbye hey...keep an eye out for a conference in New Zealand. I'd love to come visit your fair island :-)

dinodogan moderator

@WomanlyWoman thats the idea, really. The creative class should be able to make a living reliably through their work. And artists have always had benefactors, why not help corporations be those benefactors to bloggers, podcasters, youtubers, and the rest of us :-)


@dinodogan Hey Dino - 

That sounds like a great idea to me. I've got an email coming your way in just a few minutes!

Talk soon,

James Mignano